Evelyne’s New Chapter

By Amy Woods | Jan 27, 2017 |

One Burundian Widow’s Journey from Hopelessness to Independence There’s something exciting about January. It’s a new year. A blank slate right in front of you. You get to turn the page and start a new chapter, this time titled 2017, where a new story is just waiting to be written. This January, a woman named…

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Looking Back… Striving Ahead

By Craig Reese | Dec 19, 2016 |

We’re excited to announce Sister Connection’s new look! The new logo and website are an exciting step forward as we press on in the journey of restoring hope to the widows of Burundi. Sister Connection has been ministering to the needs of widows and orphans in Burundi for 10 years now. From humble beginnings in…

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A Letter from Tama

By Craig Reese | Dec 15, 2016 |

I have learned many life changing lessons since I began my walk and work with the Sister Connection ministry.  I thank God every day for the opportunities HE has provided me, and for this work I love so much.  I have come to understand, however, that HIS purpose in calling me to Burundi transcends the…

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Busking in Burundi

By Amy Woods | Dec 8, 2016 |

Intrigued I lean forward in my chair at the front of the meeting room watch the children who are leading the singing the dancing. I decide to learn the feet first and try to make my feet copy what I see moving them surreptitiously under my chair. Loose left foot right foot to the front…

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Why Burundi?

By Amy Woods | Dec 7, 2016 |

After more than a decade of civil strife, thousands of Burundian women are widows. In a country that is one of the poorest in the world*, their children are fatherless, and their families are without provisions. Not only that, but in Burundian culture, widows are outcasts. Often they are rejected by family. They have no…

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10 Questions about Caring for Widows in Burundi

By Amy Woods | Nov 6, 2016 |

When Jeremy Williams visited Burundi with Sister Connection he had many questions about how Burundi’s history has contributed to the plight of it’s widows. Here he answers 10 of them.  Were there a variety of different wars going on or is it one main war? The civil war in Burundi, which began as an attempt…

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