A widow posing in front of her new home.

A Place Called Home

February 7, 2023

There is an emotional and spiritual connection realized by a Burundian widow and her family when receiving a new home through Sister Connection. That is the reason why it isn’t called a house building program- the gift is so much more than four walls and a roof. For the first time in years, these families now have a safe place of their own, a place that fosters the fuller sense of togetherness- a place called Home.  

Image Above: Jeanne with her new home

A wonderful home building story is Jeanne’s.  Her story demonstrates why the word ‘connection’ holds such an important position in God’s ministry of Sister Connection. 

Jeanne’s husband was a drunkard, and abandoned her and their three children.  She didn’t have a home or any land on which to build a home.  The area where Jeanne lives is near Bujumbura, where there is little available land to purchase.  

Prompted by God’s spirit, another widow in the village offered to give a portion of her land to Jeanne so a home could be built by Sister Connection.  The amount of land was small and required that the two homes be attached, meaning Jeanne’s new home shares a common wall (a connection) with the other widow’s home.  

As our translator shared Jeanne’s story with our travel team, a husband and wife were so touched that they immediately agreed to become Jeanne’s sponsor- another connection.

With every home that is built, a family is reconnected and their hope restored through the love of Jesus and his people.  Through your financial support, God continues to connect himself to His widows and orphans and to all those He has called to serve them. You are an important partner of the Sister Connection ministry. 

Prayerfully consider building a home for a widow and her orphan children by making a gift of $750 today.  For more information, watch our short homebuilding video on YouTube or visit

Because Jesus said they matter,

Craig Reese

President/CEO of Sister Connection