Raise up the widows and orphans of Burundi

What We Do

What We Do


Everyone needs a place to live. Our partners have built 1,800 homes, providing shelter, safety,  and stability for thousands of women. You can build an entire home for only $750!

Widow Sponsorship

Widows struggle to survive without enough  money for food or clothing. We provide both a regular monthly sponsorship and a 3-year  sponsorship plan.  Regular sponsorship is $35 per month.  In-3 sponsorship is $500 per year for 3 years.  At the end of the In-3 sponsorship the widow should be self-sufficient!

Vocational Training

A job requires skills. Training programs at our Mt Hope campus equip widows with the tools they need to succeed in business. Your donation in any amount funds staffing and supplies. 


Ability must be met with opportunity. We make small loans (average $150) to fund entrepreneurship. Our repayment rate is 95%.

Our Plan

3 years, 3 steps to financial independence


Our Burundian staff work with community leaders to identify widows in poverty capable of reaching financial independence through vocational training and micro-enterprise funding.

When you support a widow through in3, you will receive letters to hear her story and learn how you are impacting her family.

$1,500 pays for her needs and training through the three-year program.

Invest in sustainable development.

Our journey to sustainable development

Sister Connection was founded in 2006 to help widows rebuild their lives after decades of war. Civil conflict left a generation of widows and orphans without status and without support. We connected them to donors who rebuilt their homes and supported them financially.

Today, Sister Connection serves a new generation of widows. While the memory of war is fading, the economic prospects for widows and their children remain bleak. Our goal has shifted from the immediate needs of charity to a push for self-sufficiency and sustainable development.



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