a meaningful gift

This year you can bless a widow and her orphan children with a Christmas package that includes food, fabric, school supplies and toys.  These families have a house built by Sister Connection, but have not yet been matched with a monthly sponsor.  This is a one-time Christmas gift that will contribute to the welfare of the entire family.  

Send a Christmas box to a widow and her family for $25


Partner with widows and orphans year-round through Sponsorship

Countdown til Christmas!


I was born 1969 in a miserable family where my father died early leaving my mother with 11 children. I married in 1990 but my husband was killed and left me with 6 children and no way to provide for myself.
I got sick for 3 years and was not able to eat. I was half dead, and my children were in big trouble with no help in sight. Then Sister Connection came to my help, built me a home, and provided training so that now I have a small business of selling donuts, avocados and goats. Please consider helping other widows like me.


-Margerite Nyezimana