Thousands of widows and orphans in Burundi are hungry, homeless, and hopeless, with no advocate or resources to meet even their basic needs. With partners like you, we enable the poorest of the poor to find healing from their past, dignity for today and hope for the future. Read below to find out how.


Burundian widows are outcasts, left with no means to provide even basic needs. Sponsors are connected to a widow to become her advocate. $30/month covers the family’s cost of food, clothing, medical and educational expenses. Through sponsorship, you enable a widow to provide for herself and her children. Your faithful compassion helps her heal from the past, as you empower her to have hope for the future. 

Become a Sponsor

Home Building

Many widows are homeless. For $650 you provide a home for a widow and her children, giving them shelter, safety, stability. For these families, a home means dignity within their community and a stable platform to rebuild their lives. The widow decides the location and layout of the house. Local builders use local materials in order to benefit the whole community.

Build a Home


The micro-enterprise initiative equips widows to start their own business and continue their journey toward self-sufficiency. After going through the necessary training, widows receive a small loan and use their skills and local resources to start a small business. This sustainable income brings dignity and independence, giving life to her hopes for her and her children’s future. To date, 1450 loans have been taken out!

Vocational Training

Sister Connection has built a self-sustainable vocational training center to equip widows and orphans to grow healthier crops and animals. On Mount Hope, widows learn practical tools for daily living and personal health. Mount Hope is also a place for community gatherings, seminars, prayer and worship.

Help Us Develop Mount Hope

Ministry Support

100% of your donations go directly to the initiative you intend. Because of this, Sister Connection relies on Ministry Support funds to operate and grow our ministry. Ministry support covers administrative and operational costs, including the salaries of our full-time Burundian staff members.

Support the Operation of Sister Connection

Critical Needs

The critical needs fund ensures that urgent situations for both sponsored and unsponsored widows can be provided for. This includes famine, emergency relief, medical treatment, and orphan care in the event of a widow’s death.

Relieve Widows in Crisis

Camps & Semininars

Every summer, Sister Connection hosts several camps and training seminars- for widows, young adults, youth, and children. These programs include a range of topics: spiritual formation, leadership development, HIV/AIDS prevention, continuing education, trauma recovery, children & youth ministry, and reconciliation. Widows and orphans come together to fellowship as the Sister Connection family. Your support breaks the cycle of poverty by providing educational experiences that transform lives.

Give to Camp



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