a $35/month sponsorship changes the life of a burundian widow and her children. connect with one of our sisters today.


Your love and care for a Burundian widow reminds her that she is not alone. Your faithful connection facilitates her healing, and gives her hope.

Basic Needs

Sponsorship provides the daily needs of food, clothing, and medical care for a widow and her family. It enables her to provide materials for her children to go to school.


Having her basic needs provided for, a sponsored widow can begin working towards a sustainable future through vocational training and education.

“I came to believe that the world had no place for widows. I was told not even heaven had a place for widows. All but one of my children died, and I was homeless. But through Sister Connection, God sent me help. God bless you! Thank you to my sponsors. With their help my child and I have clothes, we eat well, and we have what we need.” -Clotilde


A personal connection

Burundian widows are considered outcasts in their culture. They have no hope, and no advocate. Your personal connection with a widow will restore her dignity in her community. 

 Our wholistic approach addresses the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each individual widow. Your compassion empowers your sister to heal and grow as she provides for her family, and finds hope for the future. 

 Click here for information on our self-sufficiency sponsorship, In3. For just $41.67 per month for 3 years you can lead a widow to self-sufficiency.