Widow #1084

Ntacobanka Constance                   Case #1084

Because widows are traditionally considered to be worth next to nothing in Burundian culture, they are disregarded by their neighbors and find it difficult to provide themselves with even the basic needs: food, clothing, shelter.  She has received a house through Sister Connection. Constance is very poor. She works as a farmer for others as she does not have her own land to cultivate. 

She received a home through Sister Connection in 2012.  

Life is difficult as a single mom for Constance and her children as they grow up without their husband and father. Children without a father are considered orphans in Burundi, and are treated as though they have little worth. Pray that they will recognize their worth in the eyes of the Father Himself.

Ntacobanka Constance – Information



  • Nzambiman Salathiel, 1993
  • Ndihokubwayo Eric, 1995  
  • Nzohabonayo Fulgence, 1997
  • Niyogushima Vanessa, 1999
  • Niyimbona Dorine, 2001, Grade 12
  • Igiraneza Charlene, 2006, Grade  9
  • Imanirumva Kedia, 2009, Grade 6

Guardian of:(additional orphans)

  • Nduwimana Edige, 1995
  • Niyonkuru Bienvenu, 2003, Grade 10

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