Mothers’ Day Joy

Mothers’ day is coming and I smile remembering my favorite Mothers’ Day.


Surprisingly, it was during some of my toughest years as a single mom. My three girls were too little to do anything for me on their own, but they still wanted to do something special for me. My neighbor took the girls one afternoon and helped them paint pots and plant flowers in them.


Our joy was magnified that Mother’s day morning.


The girls loved giving, and I loved receiving such precious homemade gifts!  Each year I think of that neighbor who ‘stepped in’ and made a difference for us that Mothers’ Day. Last year, as Mother’s Day approached, I thought back to our neighbor’s kindness and I began to wonder about other single moms in need of someone to ‘step in.’


The widows of Sister Connection came to mind.  


I heard about Sister Connection when my daughter travelled to Burundi to record the stories of women there. Their stories were horrific; living in a war torn country had taken its toll in many ways. I thought of these women and realized, they don’t just need someone for a day; they need someone for everyday.  


So, last year I gave myself my second best Mother’s Day gift.


I sponsored a widow! I felt the same joy my children felt giving. Not only that, I felt the joy of receiving a new sister, a fellow mom across the world!


This Mother’s Day I invite you to ‘step in.’ Many single widowed moms in Burundi are hoping for someone to ‘step in’ and sponsor them.  A $35 monthly gift provides the daily essentials for a mom to feed, clothe, and send her children to school. Sponsored moms also have the opportunity to receive vocational training in order for her and her children to become self-sustaining. To sponsor a widow, click here.


Sponsor as a family, or sponsor in honor of your mom! Step in for a Mothers’ Day of joy- giving and receiving!

with joy,

Lisa Skagen


Lisa with her three girls, and Lisa’s Burundian sister, Esperance